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Fitness & Conditioning

Killer Core Workout for Runners: describes why core training is important for runners to improve running performance and avoid injury, provides exercises AND a complete and progressive 6-week training plan for any running ability.

Fitness for Riders

Equestrian Fitness Titles Available:

Complete Core Workout for Riders: complete and progressive core training workout guide for all riding types and abilities.
Handy Stretching Guide for Riders: 5-minute pre-ride stretch routine that releases joints and helps with posture immediately. Also longer stretch suggestions for solving deeper tension issues.
Gentle Workout for Mature Riders: complete 6-week training plan for better balance, co-ordination, core strength and more accurate aids. Perfect for injury recovery, riders who haven’t done fitness work lately, and older riders.
Fit to Ride, books 1 & 2: articles and inspiration for rider fitness
Rider Fitness book bundle deals

General Interest (Equestrian):

“My Anna” in Horse Tales for the Soul, Volume 6, Bonnie Marlewski-Probert (Ed.)
“My Horse, My Teacher” in Horse Tales for the Soul, Volume 7, Bonnie Marlewski-Probert (Ed.)

“The Equine Industry in Canada” in The New Equine Economy in the 21st Century, Rhys Evans (Ed.), Wageningen Academic Publishers, Netherlands. (forthcoming in 2015)

Title TBD, (on anatomy and conditioning for riders), Trafalgar Square Publishing, USA. (forthcoming in 2016)

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