Coaching & Consulting

Coaching and Consulting for Better Health and Wellbeing: Helping people reach their potential.

Help for your organization: See service summary
Contact Heather about consulting or research assistance. Key strengths include significant mangement experience in profit and non-profit sectors, analysing data, processes and structures for gaps and opportunities. Key interests related to promotion of health, physical activity and wellbeing through public health, non-profit, policy, recreation and sport.

Help for people: Heather offers coaching to individuals and small groups in person or via Skype/online tools. Services include:

Life & Wellbeing coaching: helping people reach their goals- with balance and alignment.  Wellbeing coaching is an extension of personal training services focusing on the overall patterns and habits which can help you achieve balance and health in your life. Services available include wellbeing counselling, facilitated stretch therapy and equine-based experiential learning for personal development. More information on Life & Wellbeing Coaching.

Personal training: functional training for real people with unique needs and concrete goals. Personal training is about better movement. Heather works with athletes of all types, including different abilities, aging population, injury recovery and specialised fitness for equestrians. More about Personal training.

Personal fitness & Wellbeing coaching available by Skype or phone.

Equestrian coaching: riding instruction for beginner to intermediate (English) riders, as well as specialised focus on rider position and body usage (all disciplines, all levels of riders). Services include onsite freelance riding instruction, Centered Riding (body position and biomechanics), combined rider fitness and mounted biomechanics, and vaulting barrel or Equicizer position work.
More information about riding instruction.
More information about other Equestrian specific service.

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