Client Reviews & References

Client Reviews:Project Management & Business Growth
“Heather led a team that created or upgraded several training and education materials, certifications and processes for students, coaches and evaluators for multiple equestrian disciplines. Heather was also instrumental in helping to align our coaching programs with the new LTAD model under Sport Canada. She created communication pieces for the Equine Canada magazine on a quarterly basis and updated all the relevant materials on its website. She was also successful in garnering new funding for several annual coaching and pilot projects…The result was that the coaching program grew substantially. Most importantly, Equine Canada’s quadrennial ranking among its peer National Sports Organization, as assessed by Sport Canada rose…This ranking had a direct impact on the funding levels Equine Canada will receive from Sport Canada for the next four years.”
Craig Andreas, COO, Equine Canada (national federation for equestrian sport, non-profit sector)

“I worked closely with Heather and a broad team of volunteers and stakeholders.
She showed great skill in her ability to initiate and organize projects and motivate the team to achieve results. Projects were largely funded by Sport Canada and the Coaching
Association of Canada. Heather showed diversity in ability to work with volunteers, industry
stakeholders and professionals, and funding and grant applications within an environment
heavily dependent on funded projects and successful completion of deliverables within
Grant Field, President, Ontario Equestrian Federation

“Heather Sansom was engaged on contract for Cognos from November 2006 to July 2007…Heather is a dedicated and diligent individual who takes significant pride in her work. During her time at Cognos, she was involved with a number of important initiatives and made valuable contribution to our team…Heather has an enquiring mind and was always looking for new and more effective ways to meet objectives. Her fresh eyes resulted in new processes and improved project tracking.” Colin Saravanamuttoo, Senior Manager, Cognos

“At the time Heather joined us, her predecessor had recently been terminated. New client sales were nearly non-existent, sales staff were de-motivated and not performing and no advertising or other marketing activities had been undertaken for some time. During her tenure she completely rebuilt and re-established these functions. This included hiring a new sales team, then training, coaching and motivating them to produce solid sales growth. Heather also initiated several advertising, community involvement, and public relations programs that have significantly increased our market visibility and contributed to our current success.” Norman Henderson, President, The IT Department Inc.

Strategic Meeting Facilitation
“Recently Heather Sansom supported my organization through the facilitation of a half day strategy session….It was more than evident that Heather contributed a number of hours of work behind the scenes in preparation for the meeting. She effectively engaged all participants and created an inviting atmosphere encouraging everyone to contribute…A number of planned exercises were presented which kept the session moving forward and appropriately building on one idea to the next. A great deal of ground was covered in just three hours. Participant satisfaction level was high…What we accomplished in just three hours with Heather would likely have taken us a day or more otherwise…Without a doubt we would invite Heather back to facilitate for us again and we would not hesitate to recommend her to other groups and organizations.” Terri Mazik, Executive Director, First Place Options (non-profit women’s health organization).

“Our goal was to plan together as a group in a environment which fostered input and ideas from each Board member. The session planned by our facilitators was successful and we now have a Strategic Plan that will guide our organization for the next three years. As a co-facilitator, Heather proved that to be an excellent and perceptive listener, an effective synthesiser of information and well able to work with individuals to support a plan which has specific, measureable achievable, relevant and time-based goals.” Pam Little, Chair, Habitat for Humanity Thousand Islands

“I ALWAYS look forward to your newsletters – you put a lot of thought and helpful information into them. You are absolutely so right on and have a positive, encouraging and INSPRING way of communication. Keep up the great work! There are many of us who appreciate it!”

I love reading your tips as they are targeted, clear and precise. I also wanted to let you know that as a consequence of your help several years ago I have recently completed my second running marathon with considerable improvement over the first one last year.”

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