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Heather Sansom is a management professional and coach, published author, and speaker.
She is currently doing research within a PhD program in the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development with the University of Guelph. Her multi-disciplinary research touches on youth development, human-animal interaction, nature based recreation and sport for development. More information is available on the Research page of this site. Prior to returning to school, Heather had successfully transferred her experience in a former career in sales and business management to sport. She established niche expertise as an entrepreneur with her fitness and conditioning business (Equifitt.com), and directed development of national sport coach and athlete programs with a National Sport Organization (Equine Canada). She is also a nationally and internationally certified sport coach and life coach, bringing the coaching eye for performance improvement and coaching approach to building teams to the table.

In additional to helping organizations, she maintains a private coaching practice that includes life coaching, and coaching wellbeing, fitness and equestrian.

“When I think about it, the consistent thread in my career from my days in sales and marketing, through business process improvement to my change to sport and management in sport- it’s all connected by coaching and facilitating. Whether your team is paid staff or volunteers, or outside stakeholders, there are so many possibilities for influencing positive change. People don’t adopt a change or move to the new goals because they have to. They do things they believe in. Identifying needs and gaps and working together gives team members and stakeholders respect- and in return they will go the extra mile, especially if your sleeves are rolled up with them. That’s true whether I am working with a single coaching client, a small group, or a national team of 60 volunteers on a program document. It’s all coaching and facilitating: setting clear goals, and helping people get there.” Heather Sansom

An internationally published author in online and print magazines, she has published over 200 articles, six ebooks and one book (forthcoming) on fitness, conditioning and training topics. A comfortable public speaker, she has spoken at international and national conferences, delivered training courses and facilitated strategic meetings.

Heather is always open to helping with interesting projects through: research, gap identification, meeting facilitation, writing (reports, communication pieces, funding applications, presentations, document editing).

Other Information: www.heathersansom.ca

Heather’s Degrees: BA, MA, PhD in progress
Languages: English & French (fluent), German and SpanishCertifications: Life, fitness and equestrian coaching

More about Heather’s Coaching and Consulting activities.

View  Heather’s Curriculum Vitae:
Academic CV
Sport and Management CV
Non-Profit Management CV
Management CV
Health Promotion CV

View Heather’s one-page resume summary/ Career Pathway Overview
Presentations and Publications
View Heather’s sport coaching business site (fitness and equestrian coaching, purchase fitness books).

Long Term Professional Development Pathway HSansom v2
Professional Experiences Include
Leading national program development and growth (grew programs by 300%)
Project management: deliverables on time, in budget (government funded and private sector)
Strategic planning (project, sales, marketing)
Driving business growth through sales and marketing (140% sales increase)
Facilitating effective meetings: strategy, planning, problem solving, mission-vision-values (extensive experience with boards, committees and multiple stakeholder meetings)
Process improvement gap analysis and recommendations (estimated savings: $1M)
Extensive experience in written communications and editing: articles, marketing collateral, strategic plans, sales and business plans, marketing plans, funding and grant applications, curriculum design, training materials, presentations

Professional Roles Include
PhD Student (current)
15 years management experience
National Program Director/Project Manager
Sales and Marketing Management to Director level
Process Improvement Consultant
Learning/Meeting Facilitator
Editor, Columnist and Speaker
Sport and Fitness Coach

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