Important Meeting or Decision at Hand? Would an external facilitator help bring people together and get or keep the ball rolling?

One of my most recent fun experiences facilitating a strategic meeting was for a non-profit organization in Ottawa that needed to make a major shift in re-aligning services to their new vision statement.  Sometimes it really helps get the best out of your team if you have an external facilitator who is not personally attached to the day to day dynamics and personalities in your office.  With lots of experience facilitating committee meetings, corporate learning and even public speaking, and as a professional coach, I get really motivated and excited when what I do helps a client move forward.  Make better decisions.  Start something new.  Unblock the bottle-neck.  Uncorking the potential on your team so you can get to action items and deliverables is possible.

Need Help with Document Finishing?

Because of my business and editing background and the volume of writing I have done, someone recently reminded me that my experience in communications could be really helpful to international graduate students looking for some help finishing and polishing the English in their reports.  What a great idea!  Please contact me if you are looking for some editing help: